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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Most businesses find it useful to know what their customers think of them. We can work with you to design a suitable set of questions and then provide hosting for an online questionnaire. All you need to do is include a link to the URL of the survey in your usual customer mail-out or newsletter and we do the rest!

What you get:

Quality & Business Improvement

In a competitive environment, small businesses need a working quality management system as a way of increasing efficiency of resource use and satisfying customer needs.

One way to implement quality is to use the Japanese continuous improvement technique of 5S, which originated as part of the famous Toyota Production System and which has a direct impact on safety, cost and delivery.

5S can be used as an umbrella for introducing or reinforcing quality initiatives or as a foundation for working towards nationally recognised awards, such as ISO 9001, the Business Excellence Model, or Investors in People.

More information on Quality and Business Improvement may be found on our quality sub-site.

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